G.ลข. "LESNIC IGOR TUDOR" has a production specialization based on three main production directions:

  • Cereal crops
  • fruits
  • Natural apple juice

The harvest of winter varieties, preserved preferentially for preservation, begins on 15-20 September - which is the optimal period. The maturity of apples is determined by a complex set of assessments, the main being the color, firmness and starch content.


The harvested apples are sold directly.

The main buyer is the household VIVA-IGNA S.R.L. Every year the company produces about 240 tons. Production and marketing of field crops G.T. "LESNIC IGOR TUDOR" produces cereal crops by performing technologies. The seed material is purchased from the "AGROSTOC" Cooperative recognized by the country's agricultural producers, with which the company has established long-term partnership relationships.

Mechanized services for performing agro-technical processes are provided by VIVA-IGNA S.R.L., with which long-term collaboration agreements have been concluded. Finished production is marketed to economic agents in Briceni district, which is paid at the moment of delivery.

Production of natural apple juice.

Once the production line was assembled, the enterprise started producing apple natural juice. The raw material being the fresh apples of the second quality. The washed apples are loaded into the belt press where the apples are pressed, the resulting juice is passed through the pasteurizer, in which the juice is heated to a temperature of 88-90 degrees. Depending on the production task, the enterprise will bottle the juice in the Bag in Box of three liters in bottles of 330 grams or in bulk.