About us

General Data:

G.Ţ. "LESNIC IGOR TUDOR" was founded on July 15, 2009 and is a peasant household, having its headquarters in Grimăncăuţi Village, Livezilor Street, Nr. 17, Briceni rayon, MD-4726, Republic of Moldova.

The enterprise is a 100% local company with 100% private capital. The enterprise has a production specialization based on two main production directions: (1) cereal crops and (2) fruit.

The household is located in the village of Grimancauti, Briceni district, 240 km away from Chisinau, the North-East area, 15 km from the border with Ukraine. This is one of the largest agricultural producers in the North Region with cultivated land of over 370 ha. The area of multi-annual plantations is 97 ha, out of which:

Fruitful orchard - 54 ha and young orchard - 43 ha. On an area of 275 hectares are cultivated: cereal crops (wheat, barley) and technical (rapeseed, soy, sunflower), fruit planting material.

The household manufactures and markets annually apples of various varieties (Jonatan, Discovery, Florina, Renette Simirenko, Idared, Golden Resistant, Mantuaner, Slava Pobediteliu and other varieties) - total capacity 1000 tons, potatoes (elite varieties and 1st reproduction: Romana, Agata, Condor), fruit trees (apples, pears, plums, cherries, sour cherries), technical crops and first group cereals, onion, tomatoes, cabbage.

Household Objectives:

In the short term (2016-2017):

  • Construction and assembly of fruit juice production;
  • Positive turnover dynamics from the introduction of new products;
  • Appropriate training of technical staff in the juice production process.

Over the long term (over the next five years):

  • Ensure sustainable enterprise profitability;
  • Certification of the company to the HACCP quality standard that will ensure.

the competitiveness of the company's products on different markets including in the EU.

In 2016, the company drew credit for purchasing a complex line of natural apple juice production. The set of equipment consists of a complete chain of equipment produced by the Austrian company Kreuzmayr which was delivered, installed and serviced by the Polish company "DAR OGRODU".It assures the processes of unloading apples, washing them, squeezing in the press, pasteurizing the juice, bottling into Bag in Box and 330 gr bottles. They also allow the squeezing of juice and the marketing of the jom auxiliary product resulting from apple squeezing.

We mention that G.T. "LESNIC IGOR TUDOR" processes 10.31 ha, which are sown with agricultural crops. The area of multiannual plantations is 6.06 ha, of which: apple orchard - 6.06 ha. And, the size of household equity on 1 January 2016 amounts to 786,055 lei.

In the same type, thanks to the technologically advanced inventory, the company offers to customers in Briceni district the services of squeezing natural apple juice for domestic consumption, which will preferably be released in bulk or bottled in Bag in Box of 3 liters.

The production process will last 11 months with rest in June-July, due to the lack of raw material during this period.


The harvested products are sold directly to the main buyer who is the VIVA-IGNA S.R.L. The main markets are those in the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, and lately more and more successful attempts to penetrate the markets of Romania and other countries in Western and Eastern Europe are also being made.

The main export market for the apple harvest produced in Moldova in 2015 almost 100% was exported to this destination. The company plans to export directly to the markets indicated above and to market new products in the export value chains.

Customers for bottled juice in boxes and bottles of 330 gr. produced by the enterprise comprises 3 groups of customers:

A.Main customers - restaurants, cafes and other catering establishments;

  1. Shop networks that have coverage at national level;
  2. Public institutions such as schools, kindergartens, colleges and health care, hospitals and sanatoria;